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Workshops on getting published

I offer workshops on getting published in journals. Contact me if you would like to discuss booking a workshop for your research students, postdocs or other researchers. 


"The course was excellent, genuinely useful" - participant in a 2013 workshop on Getting published in journals at the Open University

The workshops cover areas such as:
  • Why publish your research?
  • What journal editors want
  • New developments in scientific publishing
  • Choosing a journal
  • Preparing a manuscript, especially
    • the title
    • the abstract
    • the cover letter
  • Peer review etiquette
  • Responding to a journal's decision
The workshops can be tailored to your needs - from 2 hours to 2 days, with varying numbers of participants and types of exercise. Longer workshops can also include tailored advice on abstracts written by participants in advance.
Workshops are suitable for researchers in the life sciences, medical sciences or related areas.

Been to a workshop?

Then have a look at the Links for workshops page on my blog. You should have received a password at the workshop to access the page.