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Rates and terms and conditions


My rates are negotiated individually with each customer. If you would like a quote for work on a manuscript, please email with the subject area, the type of manuscript, its length, what service you need (assessment, substantive editing or editing), preferably a sample of the text and how soon you need the work done. Please do not send the manuscript immediately.

I can accept payment in most major currencies. I will invoice you on completion and payment should be made within 30 days of the invoice.

Terms and conditions

As an Advanced Member of the UK Society for Editors and Proofreaders, I abide by the SfEP Code of Practice. This includes the following commitments:
  • To give a true and fair representation of my qualifications, experience and skills
  • To only accept jobs that I believe I can carry out to an acceptable standard, and to inform the customer immediately if I discover that this will be difficult
  • To ensure that the terms of a job are clearly defined at the outset, preferably in writing
  • To keep confidential information confidential
  • Not to subcontract work without the knowledge and consent of the customer
  • To make my self-employed status known to customers and to take responsibility for my business and for tax and other obligations that this involves
The Code of Practice also states that I expect the following from customers:
  • Prompt payment within a specified time, agreed in advance. I will charge interest and compensation in the event of late payment.
  • The customer bears ultimate responsibility for matters relating to:
    • libel
    • obscenity
    • blasphemy
    • incitement to racial hatred
    • plagiarism
    • reproduction of copyright material