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I can edit your paper so that it is clear, it reads well and the English is correct. I am particularly experienced at editing articles written by non-native speakers of English, and in making dense academic text more accessible for a general scientific audience. This kind of editing is called copyediting.


"Anna Sharman edited several of my manuscripts. I am delighted with her substantiated and sound feedback not only to grammar but also to content. Her work improved our manuscripts significantly."

- Gero Wedemann, Fachhochschule Stralsund, Germany

Copyediting includes:
  • Making sure each sentence is clear
  • Adjusting the writing style to fit the intended audience
  • Correcting errors in grammar and usage
  • Checking citations and references
  • Ensuring consistency
  • Checking figures and tables for consistency and clarity
  • Checking that all abbreviations are defined on first use
  • Checking adherence to conventions such as capitalization of gene and protein names
  • Checking for libellous or offensive statements and mentions of trademarks
I will check with you when I'm not certain of the meaning of a particular sentence by including a query with the edited manuscript.

Editing can also include formatting to fit the style of a particular journal, if requested. This includes reformatting references and applying house style for spellings and punctuation, including UK or US conventions.

All editing is done in Microsoft Word 2007 (saving in .doc format if needed) and changes are tracked so that you can check them.

Copyediting does not include shortening, fact-checking or rearranging. I am happy to do these things, which are part of substantive editing, before copyediting if necessary.

Note: I provide proofreading for publishers, as the final stage after editing and typesetting before a document is published. If you are looking for 'proofreading' of a paper before submission to a journal, editing is actually what is needed.