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Assessing manuscripts

I can assess your paper and suggest ways to make it more acceptable to a journal. I can check that:
  • the text flows logically
  • it fit within length limits
  • evidence or references are given for all statements
  • relevant guidelines are followed (for example, MIAME for microarray papers and CONSORT for clinical trial papers)
  • the title and abstract are an accurate reflection of the content of the paper
  • common errors in figure and table formatting are avoided
  • the terminology and units used are standard
  • necessary statements are provided, such as ethical approval, patient consent and conflict of interest
No changes are made to the paper in an assessment. You will get a letter explaining what potential problems have been found and what can be done about them.

If you would like help with making the changes highlighted in a manuscript assessment, I can provide substantive editing.

I can also suggest journals to which the manuscript could best be submitted (see Consultancy).